Insteon 2868-222 Plug-in Siren and Chime Module

Insteon 2868-222 Plug-in Siren and Chime Module

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The new Insteon Siren and Chime module is a dual purpose plug-in device that can be linked to an Insteon wireless transmitter(s) or sensor(s) and performs two major functions:

1) Siren Mode: When one of the linked sensors/transmitters is triggered, it will sound a very loud 115dB siren. It can be armed or disarmed using an Insteon keypad, remote or other controller.

2) Chime Mode:  A pleasant chime will sound when one of the linked transmitters/sensors is triggered.

Pair the Insteon siren with water sensors to be alerted in case of water leaks.  Use it with Insteon door and window sensors to set up a DIY alarm perimeter. Put a sensor on protected areas like gun or liquor cabinets to set off a siren in case of tampering. Use the chime to let you know when doors or windows are opened.

The Insteon Siren/Chime module can be used without any Insteon automation hub or it can be added to the Insteon Hub so it can be controlled from your smart device. 

Insteon 2868-222 Siren and Chime Features:

  • Plugs into 110V receptacle
  • Siren Mode:  115 dB alert sound
  • Pleasant Chime Mode
  • Supports up to 24 Insteon trigger/arming devices
  • Works with Insteon Hub and iOs/Android app
  • Works with ISY994 series after firmware version 5.0FW