Preventative Starter Kit

Preventative Starter Kit

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Insteon 2852-222 Water Leak Sensor

The INSTEON water leak/flood sensor helps protect against costly water damage by alerting your INSTEON network as soon as water is detected at the sensor location. This sensor is perfect for bathrooms, furnace rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or anywhere water leaks can occur.


Insteon Hub V2 Web Enabled Insteon Home Automation Controller

Insteon Hub V2 2245-222 Features

  • Dual Band Insteon communication
  • Internet access for remote control and notifications
  • Control devices remotely to turn on, off, brighten or dim
  • Check and adjust your heat/cool using an Insteon thermostat
  • See Insteon cameras from anywhere
  • Can send email or push alerts to the Insteon Hub App (iOS and Android) 
  • No monthly or activations fees
  • Set up devices, scenes, schedules from your smartphone or tablet
  • 2 year warranty