Insteon Hub V2 Web Enabled Insteon Home Automation Controller

Insteon Hub V2 Web Enabled Insteon Home Automation Controller

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The Insteon Hub 2 adds intelligence to your Insteon automation installation. The Hub V2 Internet-enabled controller lets you set up Insteon lighting scenes and schedules from your smartphone as well as enabling automatically scheduled events to turn lights and devices on or off at sunrise, sunset or based on time of day.

In addition to control and scheduling, the Hub V2 provides notifications of events by email, text or push notification to your smartphone. You can set up alerts when a door or window opens, when motion is sensed, or when water/flood is detected (additional Insteon sensors required, not included).


The Insteon Hub lets you turn devices on and off, dim and brighten from practically anywhere, and uses the free Insteon for Hub smartphone app for your iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone to set up devices, scenes and schedules.


If you have an Apple Watch, the Insteon Hub can be controlled using the Apple Watch app so you can have control right on your wrist!

Add an Insteon lock controller and MiLocks RF-enabled door lock and you can lock and unlock doors from inside the home or on the road.

Add an Insteon thermostat and you can check the temperature when you're away and adjust heating/cooling set point so you can heat up or cool down while you're on the way.

Add an Insteon camera and you can take a look around inside or outside to make sure everything is OK.


Unlike many commercial services, you can enjoy all of these features WITHOUT any monthly fees or activation fees! Compared to other services you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The newest Insteon Hub sets up with most broadband Internet connections automatically and without port forwarding (some exceptions may apply) so you can be up and running quickly.

(Internet access required at the Hub location and on your smartphone)

Please see this article for an updated list of Insteon Devices supported by this Hub and various smartphone apps.

Insteon Hub V2 2245-222 Features

  • Dual Band Insteon communication
  • Internet access for remote control and notifications
  • Control devices remotely to turn on, off, brighten or dim
  • Check and adjust your heat/cool using an Insteon thermostat
  • See Insteon cameras from anywhere
  • Can send email or push alerts to the Insteon Hub App (iOS and Android) 
  • No monthly or activations fees
  • Set up devices, scenes, schedules from your smartphone or tablet
  • 2 year warranty

Note:  The Hub cloud service has added PUSH notifications for Android and iOS devices running the Insteon Hub App. Push notification is coming to Windows phone soon.