Mitsubishi Heat Pump - PUZ-HA/PVA-A4

Mitsubishi Heat Pump - PUZ-HA/PVA-A4

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Outdoor Model: PUZ-HA
Indoor AHU: PVA-A4

Zuba Central

A whole-home solution for existing centrally ducted systems. By installing easily into new or existing ductwork, Zuba Central delivers better performance and more efficiency than traditional baseboard, oil and propane systems and is suitable for a variety of home sizes.


Now you can experience the year-round comfort, savings, quality and reliability you deserve. The secret behind Zuba’s superior heating capabilities is our efficient and patented Cold Climate Hyper-Heat (H2iTM) technology. Designed for the Canadian market, Zuba operates at 100% heating capacity at -15°C and continues to deliver exceptional heating performance when the outdoor temperature drops as low as -30°C* and beyond. The unique defrost mechanism provides an extended period of continuous heating between defrost cycles and minimizes the defrost time required.


For even more heating power, our most advanced model, Zuba Single Plus, features our exclusive Hyper-Heat Plus (H2i+™) technology and is backed by our best 12-year warranty** to date. Engineered to provide 100% heating performance in -20˚C, H2i+™ gives Zuba the power to continue operating efficiently in temperatures as low as -25°C and beyond. Ensuring that even on the coldest days, you still experience elevated indoor comfort.

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